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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 


Treatment Cost $499


Beauty and Body Med Lounge & Spa in San Diego uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in areas to reduce wrinkles, add volume & improve quality of skin.  Stimulating collagen, rejuvenating skin and help with hair loss.

The platelets rich plasma, called shortly as PRP, is actually blood plasma that is enriched with platelets or thrombocytes.  So the purpose of the PRP is the healing of bone and soft tissues, due to the growth factors in the platelets. Developed in the 1970s and used for the first time in 1987, during an open heart procedure, the PRP was used ever since for a wide diversity of conditions, starting with medical procedures to cosmetic applications.

The platelets can identify a wound or weakness in the tissue structure by repairing cells or tissues and stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. In the cosmetic field it is used for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, and also in treating alopecia.

Now, considering the fact that the platelets are a part of the human blood, you may wonder how you will get them. Don’t worry, as the procedure will not imply any blood transfusions. The platelets are extracted using a sample of the patient’s own blood. So once the PRP is produced, it will be used on the same patient and not on another patient in any case. So practically the technique enhances the body’s own defense and repair mechanism, by injecting a more concentrated dose of platelets exactly in the area where the patient needs it. It is used in the esthetics because it enhances the production of collagen in the skin, which will promote a plumper, more radiant and young looking skin. It is often use with other procedure to help heal skin especially after laser treatment or in conjunction with dermaneedling to increase collagen production. The needling allows the PRP to penetrate into the skin with greater efficiency.

Still, before launching in the procedure, do talk with your health care practitioner about it as he or she will need to assess your general state of health and determine whether it will benefit you or not.

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