Reduction of Skin Aging in Body Areas The aging process can affect the face as well as the body and therefore many treatments have been developed to combat these signs of aging. Facial skin can receive more aggressive treatment modalities …

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Progression of Aging The aging process is inevitable. We all grow older and hopefully wiser. With aging the facial topography is affected due to loss of bones, fat pads, and muscles that lead to folds and shadows in the face. …

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Microtoxin for Lower Face and Neck All photos were taken from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal What it is/How it Works Microtoxin is an injection of microdroplets of diluted Botox/Dysport into the skin, used to improve skin texture, and to …

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Coolsculpting vs. Emsculpt While both Coolsculpting and Emsculpt can help you achieve a more toned appearance, they are different in several ways. Coolsculpting works to reduce fat in more stubborn areas of the body and helps to uncover the muscle …

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botox and dysport san diego beauty and body

Botox and Dysport It can be challenging to pick which toxin would be best for your aesthetic goals! We thought we would break it down for you. Here at Beauty and Body Med Lounge, we offer two options, BOTOX® and …

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