Fall Open House Silent Auction Event

Beauty and Body Med Spa & Salon is hosting a fall open house event with a silent auction. This event will be taking place November 7, 2019 at 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and we will be offering discounted salon and med spa services, and serving refreshments. This community event hosted by Beauty and Body Med Spa & Salon, formerly known as Salon Forte, will be benefitting Interface Kids.

November 7, 2019 at 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Can’t make it to our Fall Open House? Call (858) 755-4366 to purchase any of our specials. All attendees will receive 1 ticket and extra tickets when you purchase in increments of $500 or more. Auction items are only available for attendees while giveaways can be for attendees and purchasers.

Interface kids is a not for profit organization that focuses on health care, educational exchange, and people to people interaction.

Interface is a group of plastic and other reconstructive surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, pediatricians, and psychosocial workers, as well as other devoted volunteers, who give their time and expertise to offer reconstructive surgery to children in Mexico.

We are currently seeking in-kind donations that will be used during our silent auction event and/or monetary donations to benefit Interface Kids.

Event Day Specials

Give us a call to purchase (858) 755-4366
Services can be use at BOTH location (if available)

___# of units @$9 Botox. Min 20 units. Max 100 units. Use by June 2020

___ # of units @$3 Dysport. Min 50 units. Max 300 units. Use by June 2020

___One Restylane for Lips. Get lip smart kit $375 (reg. $511)

___ One Restylane & One Versa for lip area. Get Lip Smart Kit AND Hand Kit. $700 (reg. $1065). Use BOTH in 1 visit.

___2 Voluma or Lyft $1000. Get 20 botox or 60 dysport. (reg. $1360)

___4 Versa liquid facelift (1.2cc x 4 = 4.8cc, use ALL in 1 visit). Get Revision kit $1400 (reg. $1957)

___6 Sculptra or 2 Lyft & 4 Sculptra. Get 100 dysport, laser genesis or IPL and Colorscience Pep and Go Kit. $3000 (reg. $4159). Must use at least 2 products/visit, max 3 visits.

___2 Perfect Peel. Get sunscreen duo $350 (reg. $539)

___2 Hydraderm Facials & Brow Shaping. Get sunscreen duo $250 (reg. $464)

___IPL & 2 Peels for Face & Hands. Get Hand Kit $299 (reg. $558)

___RF Needling Face & Neck with PRP. Get Revision or Alastin kit $700 (reg. $1174)

___3 PRP for Hair Rejuvenation $1200 (reg. $1800)

___Ulthera Lower Face plus Brow Lift. Get neck cream $1800 (reg. $2400)

___4 cycles of Coolsculpting $2000. Get transform cream and Skinfinity skin tightening for area. (reg. $3100)

*we reserve the rights to substitute free product based on quantity available. All services must be use by Dec 2020.


Real Results from our Patient |  Lost 1.5 inches after 40 Minutes

Ultimate Contour for fat reduction

Intro Pkg 3 $999 (reg. $1800)

Once a week for 3 weeks

Limit to the first 10 patients ONLY