Juvederm Ultra | Ultra Plus

Restore Skin Volume & Reduce Wrinkles

Juvederm Ultra | Ultra Plus injectable gel temporarily adds volume to facial tissue and restores a smoother appearance to the face.

Juvederm Ultra | Ultra Plus is used to treat areas consisting of deeper lines. It also can lift folds and wrinkles that are more deeply embedded in the face, such as cheeks, nasal labial folds and smile lines. Minimizing deep folds and wrinkles or plump up moderate to severe skin depressions.

What to expect with Juvederm Ultra | Ultra Plus?

  • Non Invasive
  • No Downtime
  • Multi-Faceted Dermal Filler
  • Restore Skin Volume
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • FDA Approved

JUVEDERM Ultra Plus injectable gel to smooth wrinkles & folds, especially around the nose and mouth in adults over the age of 21.

Curious about the treatment? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus injectable gel is a colorless hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into facial tissue to smooth wrinkles and folds, especially around the nose and mouth. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body. The role of hyaluronic acid in the skin is to deliver nutrients, hydrate the skin by holding in water, and to act as a cushioning agent.

JUVEDERM Ultra Plus injectable gel is injected into areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur. JUVEDERM Ultra Plus injectable gel temporarily adds volume to the skin and may give the appearance of a smoother surface.

Injections may cause some discomfort during and after the injection. JUVEDERM Ultra Plus injectable gel is injected directly into the skin using a fine needle to reduce injection discomfort. Physicians may choose to numb (anesthetize) the treatment area to further minimize discomfort.

No. Correction is temporary; therefore, touch-up injections as well as repeat injections are usually needed to maintain optimal correction. Less material (about half the amount) is usually needed for repeat injections.

Most side effects are mild or moderate in nature, and their duration is short lasting (7 days or less). The most common side effects include, but are not limited to, temporary injection site responses such as: redness, pain/tenderness, firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching, and discoloration. As with all skin injection procedures, there is a risk of infection

Which filler to choose?

If you are considering JUVEDERM Ultra Plus in San Diego, Beauty & Body provides the latest in aesthetic procedures by trained aestheticians. Choosing the right filler is very important as each has its own characteristic that makes it the best choice for specific area of the face. At Beauty and Body, we offer a free consultations to help you achieve the safest, most natural and cost effective results possible. Guidance and regular training is provided by our Medical Director who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to ensure superior aesthetic results.


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