Cell Youth™ Actif


Activates Youthful Skin in 14 Different Ways
For Mature or Maturing Skin



Activate and restore the youthful nature of your skin with this exclusive combination of five anti-aging cell technologies.

As its lightweight texture melts into the skin, this serum works overtime to correct 14 signs of aging including:

  1. Lines & wrinkles minimized
  2. Firmness repaired
  3. Contours redefined
  4. Clarity revealed
  5. Tone evened
  6. Hydration intensified
  7. Smoothness refined
  8. Radiance awakened
  9. Redness calmed
  10. Puffiness eliminated
  11. Sun damage diminished
  12. Fragile skin strengthened
  13. Vitality recharged
  14. Repair enhanced


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